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Why Do People Vape? What Are the Benefits?

Vaping is not always about quitting cigarettes. In fact, the latest surveys have shown that more people are indulging in vaping for pleasure than as an alternative for cigarettes.

Are vaping and smoking the same? Is that why vaping has become such a popular pastime?

Going by recent trends you will find that not all vapers were previously smoking cigarettes. And on the other side of the spectrum, not all smokers are turning to vape. Yet, the habit of vaping can develop very quickly even in non-smokers.

In general, it is less frowned-upon by the UK government authorities because it is believed that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking a cigarette.

On the other hand, in the US, the use of e-cigarettes is discouraged by the FDA, whether it is as a fad or as an alternative to smoking.

Despite their efforts, there are large communities of vapers all over the UK, US and Europe who have taken vaping to a whole new level of enjoyment.

So why do people vape? Here are 9 reasons why people start vaping:


1. As a Substitute for Traditional Cigarettes

According to a survey carried out by the Public Health England (PHE), the number of quitters per year in recent years has risen to nearly 20,000. Also, as seen in the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) in 2017, the national figure of smokers dropped down to a mere 14%.

Part of the reason for this surprising situation could be the fact that a large number of cigarette smokers switched to vaping as an alternative.

Of course, just because you are a smoker, it doesn’t imply that you will definitely switch to vaping. But it is most often found that habitual vapers are ex-smokers. So, in their case, migration from cigarettes to e-cigarettes is a way of trying to quit the habit.

According to the September 2018 news reports, there are a whopping 3 million vapers in Britain. Based on a recent telephonic survey, there are nearly 1.9 million people who vape on a regular basis in the US.

Using e-cigarettes as a substitute makes sense. It replaces that “hand to mouth” action of smokers, as a form of sensual pleasure, that has become a deep-rooted habit. As there are several none-nicotine e-juices available, the switch to e-cigarettes is definitely beneficial.

Another reason why smokers shift to vaping is that in many public places smoking is taboo. This is due to the bad effects of passive smoking. Whereas, vaping is not considered harmful for those around the vaper. Therefore, it is less distressing for the public and consequently subjected less to taboos.


2. Safer Than Nicotine Cigarettes


One of the main benefits of vaping is that it is far safer than nicotine-based cigarettes, patches, or gums. E-cigarettes do not contain tar or any of the several carcinogenic substances contained in traditional cigarettes.

Therefore, according to estimates, the health risk of e-cigarettes is similar to smokeless tobacco with mortality being very low compared to traditional cigarettes. If you vape e-juice with no nicotine just for the pleasure of continuing a habit, then it is even safer.


3. Medical Reasons

Even non-smokers sometimes develop the habit of vaping quickly due to medical reasons. Dealing with chronic migraines, constant joint pain, post-chemotherapy discomfort, etcetera can be a distressing time.

In the US, in states where it is legally permitted, the use of medicinal marijuana e-cigarettes has gained popularity. In fact, it is considered a better option than using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or morphine.

Consequently, the use of medicinal marijuana has become common practice by professional herbalists for treating the severe chronic pain which is a symptom of these diseases.

In the UK, the NHS actively promotes the use of e-cigarettes over smoking.


4. Lower Cost

If you are unable to stop smoking but want to save money, vaping is the best option. You will have to initially spend on an e-cigarette and a few e-juices.

But once you have your vaping kit ready, you can vape at a much lower cost than the cost of smoking. Of course, it will truly save you money only if you do not over-indulge and resort to chain-vaping!

You can buy the most affordable vaping kit and a few e-juice flavours to keep you going for a while. If it is your first attempt at switching from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes, we would suggest that you buy the cheapest kit available at your local vape shop or online.

In the long run, vaping is far cheaper than smoking even if it is a regular habit. Of course, die-hard vapers usually go in for the high-end brands in vaping equipment. But for a beginner, using designer equipment as a fad will not be cost-effective.

There is a wide range in prices for vaping equipment. On average, a smoker in the UK smokes around 20 cigarettes in a day. This will cost the smoker almost £3,800 GBP (or $4,950), which is a huge amount.

Whereas, an e-cigarette can cost anything from £19.99 GBP ($24) to over £67.99 GBP ($70), depending on the brands and add-ons.

A 10ml bottle of flavoured e-juice costs about £5 GBP ($6). So even if you purchase one bottle of e-liquid per week, your overall annual cost will hardly exceed £274 GBP ($356).

This is far, far cheaper than cigarette smoking. The cost of smoking cigarettes is much more than ten times the cost of vaping!

Thankfully, we at Smash E-Liquid provide the cheapest e juice online, at less than wholesale costs.


5. The Thrill of Cloud Chasing


If you are an adventurous person, you will definitely love the thrill of cloud chasing. In fact, this has grown in popularity to such an extent that vaping enthusiasts invest in special equipment so that they can generate real-badass vapour.

They use the best vaping devices that have very low resistance coils, specially formulated e-liquids, and a wide range of powerful vape modes in the tanks to produce the desired effects.

So, if you are adventurous by nature and you would prefer to switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping, then experience the thrill of cloud chasing as it will take vaping to a whole new level of enjoyment.

Cloud chasing is also a competitive sport nowadays. Many vaping pubs have regular events and cloud chasing competitions to encourage their regular patrons in their pastime.

In a true spirit of adventure, some of the competitors customise the tanks and coils of their vaping equipment to produce special effects to win events and competitions. This adds a new dimension to the activity of vaping, which makes it a sport rather than just a hobby.


6. For the Variety

With traditional cigarettes, the choice in flavours is limited to menthol for the mint effect, and cherry or cream tobacco for those who prefer a sweetish flavour.

Beyond this, there is not much choice in flavours where cigarettes are concerned. Whereas, the choice in flavours and strengths of e-liquids is so vast that it attracts habitual smokers to switch to vaping.

There are so many flavours on the market, that you could spend the rest of your life trying out all of them! Some of the most popular types of e-juice flavours are:

  • Sweet – Cheesecake, caramel, candy, donut, candy floss, honey, cake, frosting, butterscotch, chocolate, apple pie, marshmallow, cookies, cream pie, etcetera.
  • Sour – Lime, lemonade, citrus, apple, grapes, kiwi, lemon, yogurt, orange, pineapple, tangerine, tea, etcetera.

There are many more flavours available, and new flavours coming into the market every other day, so it is a losing battle to try all of them! The vast variety is another reason why vaping has become such a popular pastime in recent years, and breaking the habit of vaping has become that much harder.


7. As a Hobby

Over a period of time, the variety of choices in vaping hardware has evolved to such an extent that vaping is developing into a popular hobby. Even non-smokers are gravitating towards this pastime for the thrill and variety that provided.

Cloud chasing has added to its appeal as a sporting hobby. Vaping enthusiasts are creating a new world of e-cigarettes and vaporizers where there is an unlimited scope for innovation and customization of vaping equipment.

The fact that vaporisers can be dismantled and reconstructed to suit your personal requirements has made it one of the most enjoyable hobbies today.

When vaping first came into the market, there were very few choices in e-cigarettes and flavours. But over time e-cigarette equipment has taken immense strides towards technological advancements, so that you can get some of the most creative vaping gear.

Vaping equipment manufacturers have also introduced e-cigarettes with new types of coils that are precision-made for cloud chasing.

There are also new types of vaping tanks that encourage creativity in the user. They are designed so that the buyer can make changes to their equipment for a specific type of output.

Tweaking the equipment to create some unusual effects is a fulfilling experience for regular vapers. For them, the pleasure is not limited to simply vaping, but to take the hobby to a new limit of experimentation and pleasure.


8. To De-Stress

Complete relaxation seems like fiction considering the stress levels of the modern lifestyle. With constant pressures at work and home, everyone needs a place to unwind and completely relax. Maybe that is why vaping lounges have gained so much popularity in recent years.

A vaping club is the most relaxing and de-stressing place on Earth. When you are with fellow vapers and being busy with your e-cig, you can forget about all the text messages, notifications, and countless social media updates that harass you throughout the week. Regular vapers find it as relaxing as peacefully reading a book or taking a leisurely walk in the wilderness.

There are many e-juice flavours that do not contain even small traces of nicotine. The process of deep inhalation and exhalation itself produces a relaxing effect and helps you to de-stress despite the absence of tobacco and nicotine.


9. For Socialising


The need to socialise is not a justification for vaping, but if you are a vaper you will definitely have a huge social circle. You will be welcome in any vaping community because they consider you to be one of them. Whether you are a pro or just a beginner, it doesn’t really matter.

It is easier to socialise in a group with whom you have something in common, especially if you are a rookie at vaping. You can chat and learn a lot about e-juices, kits, types of coils and tanks available, and absolutely anything to do with e-cigarettes.

There is a feeling of camaraderie and solidarity when you meet another vaper and the activity is a form of bonding. Fellow vapers will share their experiences with you, talk about their collection of vaping gear and e-juices, and give you hints on fine-tuning your own vaping kit for greater pleasure.

There may even be some love or a relationship forming, if you’re lucky! Couples who vape together, stay together.



You have seen the main reasons why a person will vape. E-cigarette regulations and rules are a little vague at present. Also, the vaping industry has developed so rapidly in recent years that the pastime of vaping has gained momentum beyond control.

Vaping was intended for adult cigarette smokers to help them quit the habit. But with the variety of flavours in e-liquids and the ability to customise vaping equipment, it has become a trend and a pleasurable pastime for any suitable age.

If you are a smoker, it will help to switch to a none-nicotine-based e-liquid and prevent smoking-related diseases. But if you are not a smoker, it is advisable not to take up vaping as a hobby, especially if you are going to try out the nicotine-based e-liquids.

Peer pressure may compel you to start vaping as an alternative to smoking, but it has its own downside. So, if you do not indulge in smoking, don’t start vaping just to be in with the crowd.

If you are a smoker and are desperately looking for an alternative, then vaping is a good idea. You can start with nicotine-based e-liquid. Then you can gradually switch to a none-nicotine variety, just to continue with the thrill of cloud chasing and that peaceful feeling of deep breathing that vaping offers.

The most important rule in vaping is to never over-indulge. Keep the habit to a bare minimum so that you can de-stress at the end of the week. You get the opportunity to socialise, whilst keeping your monthly expense towards the hobby low.


Thank you for reading this post! We would love for you to leave a comment below, and let us know if you know any other reasons why people start vaping.

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