Heat shrink wraps for 10ml or 30ml e-liquid bottles. They are all clear, with Single Vertical Perforation (SVP), and will allow your DIY vape juice to look professional and clean.

The shrink wrapping allows for tamper proof and tamper evident seals, so the bottles will look brand new, safer and more secure.

How to use these e-liquid heat shrink wraps: slip a band over a standard sized 10ml or 30ml PET bottle, and then heat using a hairdryer, or hot air gun, starting on the lowest setting. In seconds, the wraps will fuse with the bottle(s) and prevent tampering with a neat, quality and professional finish.

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E-Liquid Heat Shrink Wrap Bands (10ML & 30ML E-juice Bottles)

These wraps are called many things, such as: safety seals, cut shrink bands, seamless bands, custom cut bands, tamper-evident bands, tamper-evident seals and clear bands.

Available in the following sizes:-

10ml – 36 mm x 60 mm.
30ml – 50 mm x 78 mm.


10ml, 30ml


50 pcs, 100 pcs, 500 pcs, 1000 pcs, 2000 pcs


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To avoid disappointment, check the sizes in relation to your bottles.

Dispose used shrink wraps in accordance to local regulations.

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