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N One have manufactured a stealth e-cig vape pod device that is both stylish and sleek in design. A small pod device you can carry with ease, on a night out or on holiday, without fuss. At the lowest wholesale prices online!

N One’s pods contain extremely delicious e-juice, and they are a premium UK manufactured brand. Instead of the usual high throat-hit freebase nicotine they contain pre-filled nicotine salt e-liquid, which is more effective for hardcore smokers who require a stronger, more instant, nicotine hit. These 20mg nic salt pods allow you to experience a high strength nicotine hit, with a smooth throat-hit, for a real cigarette-like feeling and sensation.

Suitable for cigarette smokers that want to transition over to a healthier vaping alternative, without having to constantly fill up the tank, yet still have that cigarette-like experience. If you are vape shop supplier, your customers will definitely love these!

Available in 6 different premium flavours, in 20mg nic salt strength.

1 pack includes 3 vape pods of the same flavour.

N One® manufacturer approved stock.

  • Buy 2 packs (6 vape pods) for £26.98 (£4.50 each) & save 10%
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Bulk Quantity Discounts (Buy more; save more!)
1 2 3-4 5-9 10-19 20+
£14.99 £13.49 £11.99 £8.99 £7.50 £6.00
Bulk Quantity Discounts (Buy more; save more!)
1 2 3-4 5-9 10-19 20+
£14.99 £13.49 £11.99 £8.99 £7.50 £6.00
Bulk Quantity Discounts (Buy more; save more!)
1 2 3-4 5-9 10-19 20+
£14.99 £13.49 £11.99 £8.99 £7.50 £6.00
Bulk Quantity Discounts (Buy more; save more!)
1 2 3-4 5-9 10-19 20+
£14.99 £13.49 £11.99 £8.99 £7.50 £6.00
Bulk Quantity Discounts (Buy more; save more!)
1 2 3-4 5-9 10-19 20+
£14.99 £13.49 £11.99 £8.99 £7.50 £6.00
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N One Disposable Nic Salt Pod Vape Kits (All-in-One)

1 pack includes 3 pod vape kits of the same flavour, with 20mg nicotine salt.
Approximately 300 puffs per pod.

Six super delicious premium flavours:

Berry Blast – A thrilling assortment of exotic, ripe and juicy berry flavour. An absolute favourite.
Black Ice – Black liquorice and menthol vape flavour that delivers a chilly hit. It’s refreshing, savoury and unique.
Ice Mango – Tasty, cold and refreshing. This e-liquid is perfect for warm weather vaping.
Ice Mint – The perfect flavour for anyone that likes to keep things fresh and minty.
Menthol – It combines a light tobacco taste with a throat hit and a little sweetness for great new menthol flavour.
Tobacco – Sweet undertones, warm, mature flavour of tobacco make it an instant hit.

Some of the benefits of N One Disposable Nic Salt Pods:

1. No expensive e-cig devices to purchase and maintain.
2. No coils that need changing.
3. No e-juice to handle or mix.
4. No burnt taste or dry hit when coil needs changing or cleaning.
5. No battery charging or flat batteries.
6. Nothing heavy to carry.
7. Largest TPD tank capacity on the market.
8. Largest POD battery on the market.
9. Longest lasting vape POD currently on the market.
10. Each N One pod gives around 300 puffs.
11. Highest legal 20 MG nicotine level.
12. New nicotine salt e-liquid.
13. Equivalent to 30 cigarettes, with each POD.
14. Small, light and discrete.
15. Pleasantly smooth throat-hit.
16. Instant nicotine satisfaction due to faster nicotine absorption.

Brand: N One.

Pod Flavour

Berry Blast, Black Ice, Ice Mango, Ice Mint, Menthol, Tobacco


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