DIY E Liquid Mixing Kits

DIY starter mixing supplies available in a variety of package sizes: Small, Medium & Large.

Create 10ml e-liquid for less than 28p! (£0.28 per 10ml)

Take control of your own vaping experience by mixing unique, hand-crafted e-juice, to your own requirements and specification.

Browse our pack sizes, below:

The liquids supplied are the finest UK & European sourced propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), flavours and nicotine.

Each package includes liquids, PET/HDPE bottles, nitrile gloves, sweetener enhancer, cool enhancer, sour enhancer, beaker, and syringes.

Struggling with the amounts? Our e-liquid mixing calculator will provide you with exact instructions on how to create your perfect mix.

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