Simple E-Liquid Mixing Calculator

Make your own e-liquid, just how you like it, with our free e-liquid calculator. Crafting e liquid has never been so easy and straightforward.

Clearly see how much nicotine is required to create your perfect vape juice mix. Simply input the desired strength and size required of the vape juice bottle you would like to mix, calculate, and read the results in volume (ml) and percentage (%).

Use our simple e liquid calculator below to create your own e-juice. This works hand-in-hand with our DIY E-Liquid range.

Simple Nicotine Calculator


How to Use the E-Juice Calculator?

Making your own e-liquid is very simple.

  1. Enter the desired nicotine strength in the first box.
  2. Enter the size of the bottle.
  3. Click the Calculate button.
  4. Results are shown below with exact match volume and percentages.
  5. Use a sterile syringe to measure the amounts into the empty bottle.
  6. Once done, screw the top on and shake-well. Leave to steep for a much better taste.

*This easy-to-use e-juice recipe calculator works on the assumption that you are using 72mg/ml of nicotine base and 20% PG-based flavouring. By taking into account the PG of the flavour, the calculated PG/VG Level in the results can be used to work out your desired PG/VG mix ratio for your e-liquid.

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