Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions we receive regularly from our customers. We have provided clear answers to help, by taking away the frustration of waiting for an email reply:-

Is there a minimum age requirement to purchase e-juice or nicotine related products on this site?

To purchase from our site, you must be 18 years of age or over. We strongly abide by this policy and will not sell to anyone under this age.

Why do you not use PayPal anymore?

Unfortunately, PayPal are closing down all vape store accounts without prior warning, so we have switched over to other payment methods such as card payments and Bitcoin payments.

If you have any issues with payments, please do contact us and we will resolve the problems.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship all our products to nearly every country in the world.

If you country is listed on checkout when you fill in your shipping information, we can ship to there without issues.

Is there a way to order in bulk quantities?

Bulk orders are our bread and butter, no order is too big! To place a bulk order simply use the contact page and email our customer services department with your quantities required. We take pride in our extremely fast response rates and will get back to you in a timely manner.

What type of packaging will my e-liquid be sent in?

Our 10ml liquids are provided in PET bottles with nibs.

All our other 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml and 1 litre liquids are provided in HDPE bottles. The bottles are not provided with spout or twist tops, as they break in transit. They come with flat CRC caps. Empty spout bottles, pipettes or sterile syringes with needles can be purchase separately for easier tank filling. (500ml and 1 litre may come with a special CRC top that applies a spout).

All 2.5 litre, 5 litre, 10 litre and 25 litre liquids are provided in jerry cans, with all relevant, necessary information and warnings included.

How can I fill my e-cigarette tank?

For refilling e-cigarettes, any variants of liquid may require syringes or pipettes for ease of use. These can be purchased on our accessories page.

How much profit is in it for me if I buy 1 litre of your e-liquid and sell it in re-branded individual 10ml bottles?

Our pricing model is based on rock bottom prices. If you are buying from us to re-brand and sell as your own product(s), you have the potential to make up to 400% profit on our top quality items. Why shop anywhere else?

How much does it cost to ship my order, and how long does it take?

You can read more about costs, lead times and transit times on our delivery page.

Any other shipping information I need to know?

The Free Shipping option has to be manually selected on the cart or checkout pages. No refund can be applied if you paid for shipping, and could have checked out with free shipping.

A ‘completed’ status order does not mean that the order is sent; it is to inform you that the invoice has been printed and the order is being prepared/packaged, and ready to be dispatched within our 48 to 72 hour working day lead time, from the time the order was placed.

We have a 48 to 72 hour working day processing time, which all orders can fall under.

Nearly all orders are sent on recorded delivery, so they can be tracked. If a tracking ID is requested, it can take up to 48-hours for you to receive the tracking.

For further information, please check our delivery information page.

Please note: under some circumstances additional delays may apply. In such cases, the company can not be liable for any losses caused by the delay of the shipping process.

Do you ship to Estonia?

Unfortunately, we may not ship to Estonia as the customs are very strict and have become stricter over the years, and now don’t even let flavour concentrates or 0mg PG/VG through. This ends up costing us both a lot of wasted time and money.

If we do decide to send your order, and the parcel is sent back then we can only refund you the cost of the items, minus the £9.99 shipping fee as we cannot claim back on this.

As a solution, many of our Estonian clients have their orders shipped to Latvia instead, to an associates address, so delivery is guaranteed without issues, regardless of the size or weight of the parcel.

How can I find the Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerine mix ratios of the e-liquids that I want?

We provide a tailor-made service, where you can choose the ratio of Propylene Glycol & Vegetable Glycerine to your specific needs, whether for personal or bulk orders.

More information on the different characteristics of PG & VG, and their effects on your vaping experience, can be found on our wholesale page.

I want to vape e-liquid with zero nicotine content, can I buy it from this site?

All our e-liquid are available in a 0mg nicotine variant. 0mg refers to the concentration of nicotine used in the e-liquid, where 0mg indicates no nicotine is included in the e-juice.

As a bonus, 0mg (nicotine free) e-liquid are lower in price compared to e-liquid that contain nicotine.

We advise you to educate yourself on the affects of nicotine.

My liquid doesn't taste the same as other brands, how do I improve them?

As many of the e-liquids and flavours are our own special mix clones, some may use the original flavour you’re used to, whilst others may not.

As all our e-liquid are mixed fresh to your requirements, and are not off-the-shelf, we advise you to steep them to improve the tastes and experiences.

Do my liquids need steeping?

All e-liquids are mixed fresh as per your requirements, when we process them.

We do recommend you steep the liquids when you receive them to improve the flavours and balance the tastes, as there is no drawback in doing so, and only benefits.

Steeping is not required for most flavours as they taste great, and as they will steep naturally during transit and be ready to vape when delivered. If you would like to further improve the tastes even more, you are free to let them breath and steep.

Darker liquids such as dessert flavours taste much better after steeping, as they take longer to steep, and will bring out their true delicious tastes.

Just be sure to shake the bottles before you fill the tank!

I want big clouds, but lower nicotine strength e-liquid for my Sub Ohm tank?

For the use with sub-ohm or dripping, we recommend using between 0mg to 9mg nicotine strength, as vapour production from these tanks and devices will be heavier by virtue. They are considered mouth-to-lung.

Do your liquids/ingredients pass TPD compliance?

We only use and provide premium UK and EU manufactured ingredients across all our range.

Many of our customers have used our liquid ingredients in their DIY mixes and have passed the compliance tests in their countries, so we assure you to buy with confidence.

Note: all 0mg variants of our liquids are exempt from the scope of the TPD regulations, as well as our other none-nicotine containing products such as flavourings and VG/PG. Our 10ml tamper evident dropper bottles are manufactured with compliance in-mind, too.

Do you use colours in your e-juice or flavours?

The majority of liquids and flavours do not contain any added colours.

In some batch of liquids we use food-grade e-liquid colouring, at times, which means safe for human consumption. In all manners, this means our colourful liquids are completely safe for use. These colours do not affect the taste or smell of the products.

For any requests regarding colouring, we advise you to leave a note in the box provided on the checkout page, however, we cannot always provide colourless liquid due to availability.

I'm worried about oils in e-liquid, are any oils used in the manufacturing of your e-liquid?

Our liquids use only the highest quality of food grade ingredients, pure VG/PG, and contain no amount of oils whatsoever.

I'm worried about Diacetyl, do your flavours or e-juice contain Diacetyl?

We go the extra mile compared to competitors where we use no illegal or dangerous chemicals such as: Acetoin, Stevia, Sucralose, Acetyl Propionyl or Diacetyl, in our flavours.

I love your alcohol flavoured e-liquid, but do they contain any ethanol or alcohol of any kind?

All of our alcohol e-liquid variants are simply flavouring where no ethanol or alcohol has been used in the manufacturing process. All of our e-liquids are safe for human consumption.

My e-juice tastes/smells chemically, is this normal?

All e-liquid are mixed fresh when you first place an order, so without steeping, some flavours may taste or smell chemically due to the potent flavours used. However, this tends to go away after breathing/steeping.

E-juice from any brand of vendor originally starts of chemically, as the various ingredients have not yet bonded at a chemical-level. The chemical taste/smell disperses eventually due to steeping.

Is your cannabis e-liquid actually legal?

Our Herbal liquids do not contain THC or CBD. These Cannabis e-liquid are legal as they are only flavouring. Real cannabis is not used as that would be against the law in most countries.

Are all your products suitable for vegans/vegetarians, and are they also halal or kosher?

All of our liquids and vaping products are for human consumption, and fall in respect to any lifestyle or religious belief. You can rest assured that our ingredients and manufacturing processes are done so without the use of any animal products or illegal substances.

Our liquids are pure and simple, and are certified kosher.

Where is my order being shipped from?

Our shipping hubs are located all across the world. Most of our centres for distribution are located in non-EU areas as we are a non-EU based company.

However, we are confident you won’t be charged any extra if you purchase from us, and delivery will be swift and guaranteed.

What happens if my order gets lost or damaged, am I insured?

We offer insurance with most of our products. We aim to rectify any issues revolving around your order(s) and ask for your complete cooperation in order to do so, in a timely manner. We practice on a zero policy abuse scheme, and have fantastic customer service, so we ask you to please be patient and we will resolve any issues you experience.

My country has halted my order and kept it subject to examination, what do I do?

Responsibility of knowing the laws which relate to imports of goods to your country lie solely with you, the customer. In the case of suspended orders being held by border control or the clearance office of your country, which has been shipped out by us, any loss of goods or damage caused by their processes respectively will not be compensated by us in any way. As mentioned in our terms and conditions, the responsibility regarding these laws lie with you. We assume you know the limitations set by import regulations.

However, we will do our best to not let this occur, as it has never happened before with any of our customers.

What's the policy on returns? Will you accept my return?

Please read further on our returns policy page.

I see a lot of £ (GBP), why is my local currency not used?

Our main market at one time was in £’s. Now, however, our base currency is handled in $.

You can view our products in other currencies by hovering/clicking the icon next to the price, and this will show you how much money you’re actually saving by purchasing from Smash E-Liquid.

You are also free to see live currency conversion rates, of your chosen currency.

I'm experiencing some issues with errors when trying to checkout, what can I do?

If you are experiencing some issues with your purchase, you can firstly try using a different browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox, as some web browsers will throw incompatibly issues.

We also ask you to allow JavaScript to be enabled in your web browser to use the full features on the site.

Alternatively, we are only one email away to help you out. So please use our contact page to get in touch.

I have a question or few, how do I get in touch?

Our preferred method of contact is by email. We are on hand for any questions and queries you may have by sending an email through the contact us page. Our response rate is rapid, and we will work swiftly to address any issues you are facing.

It's been a while and I haven’t received a response from my email?

If you have a query with your order or simply have questions before buying, we aim to answer all inquires within 48 hours or less. At times, our responses get filtered to the junk or spam folder so please check these folders in your email client.

Add [email protected] to your email address book. This will whitelist our response emails from going into the spam box.

In our experience, there are certain email clients such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo, who may divert emails directly into your junk/spam folder. Further guidelines on your email client can be found online, to change the severity level of these strict spam filters.

Why don't you have a phone number?

We do not have expensive call centres. We limit support to online communication for three main reasons:-

Low prices – Providing online email support helps to keep our products at much lower prices as we pass these savings on to you, whilst allowing us to provide greater value and higher quality items.

Easier sharing of instructions and visuals –  We can send you resources such as personalised instructions, images, videos or articles to help you solve issues faster.

Logging & problem-fixing – Online support helps us gather information in an organised manner with logs, which allows us to troubleshoot any site or order issues effectively.

Am I able to try before I buy with some samples or testers?

We can provide two free 0mg e-liquids in any PG/VG mix, or flavour concentrates, in 5ml sample bottles, for UK shipping only. For Europe or other countries, there will be a small delivery charge.

If you require additional samples of our flavours or e-juice, they will be £1 each.

You are also free to purchase 10ml e-juice in any mix or strength, or 10ml flavours, on this site.

These prices are so cheap, why would I shop anywhere else? Is there a catch?

We are cheap in price, but not in quality. As you are purchasing from the source, we cut out the middle-man with our tailor-made service. No flashy slogans or sales tactics, just pure and simple rock-bottom prices.

We manufacture for and supply vape shops, and other brands with our liquids, they re-brand our liquids for their own unique mixes. So why pay higher premiums when you can cut on your own costs?

There seems to be a lot of hype around your e-liquids, are they really that good?

We at Smash E-Liquid are passionate about our e-liquids. So much so, that we vape our own e-juice.

We have a plethora of happy customers that keep on purchasing from us – as we are simply the best at what we do.

We manufacture and supply unbeatable bulk orders and offer fantastic savings on individual orders, compared to online competitors as well as the high street.

Our quality and prices are not to be beaten, as we are a global brand and just want to share the joy and benefits of vaping with all.

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