Herbal flavoured e-liquid concentrates. Mix with PG/VG to create your own e-liquid.

These herbal flavour concentrates are mind-blowing! Full of delicious and natural flavour. Every blast of our positively green devil’s cabbage will bring you back to mother earth’s roots, one slow pull at a time.

The scents are herbally, and they taste fantastic!

Recommended mix: 10%-20%.

Bulk discounts are available: purchase 3 or more 1 litre concentrates in any of our 180+ flavours to qualify for cart discounts!

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Herbal Flavour Concentrates for E-Liquid

Earthy, green herb flavourings.

100% pure one shot flavour concentrates manufactured to be used in mixing e-juice.

Available in PET/HDPE bottles and containers.

All ingredients are USP/EP/BP food-grade, and are free from diacetyl, nicotine and alcohol/ethanol.

All flavours are manufactured by our UK & European contracted suppliers.

Sizes: 10ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml & 1 litre.

Available flavours: AK-47, Amnesia Haze, Blue Dream, Chronic, Critical, Dutch Treat, OG Kush, Super Silver Haze, Skunk, White Widow.

Ingredients: Flavouring substances/flavouring preparations, Propylene Glycol.


AK-47, Amnesia Haze, Blue Dream, Chronic, Critical, Dutch Treat, OG Kush, Super Silver Haze, Skunk, White Widow


10ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1 Litre


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These herbal flavours do not contain CBD, THC, psycho-actives or any oils. They are simply herbal flavoured.

Do not directly vape this product without diluting with PG and/or VG.

These super potent flavours may require steeping for 1-2 weeks, once you have mixed them, to bring out their true tastes.

These cannabis flavour concentrates are our own mixes, and may not taste exactly like those from other brands.

Avoid all contact with eyes. If this occurs, wash immediately with clean water.

Dispose empty container in accordance to local regulations.

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