Wholesale Nic Shots

Pharmaceutical grade nicotine shots to boost your short fill e-liquid. They can also be used in 0mg e-juice to add a strength, or increase the strength of nicotine e-juice.

We provide the cheapest wholesale nic shots, from only £0.28 per 10ml!

Each fully compliant TPD nicotine shot can be used by consumers for a very low cost, or sold by businesses for an extremely high profit margin. Available in freebase & salt.

Our selection of nic shot boosters are available below:

Smash E-Liquid has created a nic shot mixing guide table below, to allow you to mix with ease:

E-Liquid Bottle SizeNicotine Strength Required
10ml3mg – 1.7ml.
6mg – 3.3ml.
12mg – 6.7ml.
30ml3mg – 5.0ml.
6mg – 10.0ml.
12mg – 20.0ml.
50ml3mg – 8.4ml.
6mg – 16.7ml.
12mg – 33.3ml.
60ml3mg – 10ml. (1 bottle)
6mg – 20ml. (2 bottles)
12mg – 40ml. (4 bottles)
100ml3mg – 16.7ml.
6mg – 33.3ml.
12mg – 66.7ml.
120ml3mg – 20ml. (2 bottles)
6mg – 40ml. (4 bottles)
12mg – 80ml. (8 bottles)
200ml3mg – 33.3ml.
6mg – 66.6ml.
12mg – 133.2ml.
500ml3mg – 83.3ml.
6mg – 166.7ml.
12mg – 333.3ml.
1000ml3mg – 166.7ml.
6mg – 333.3ml.
12mg – 666.7ml.

The ingredients used to create the products are UK & European sourced propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), and freebase or salt nicotine.

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