Wholesale Shortfill E-Liquid - Shake n' Vape

19 (and growing) delicious wholesale short fill e-liquids in bulk, from as low as 80p per 50ml. The lowest prices, guaranteed!

Each piece includes one FREE nic shot + spout cap!

Smash E-Liquid provides the cheapest shortfill vape juice online.

Shake & vape e-juice are 0mg e liquid supplied in a bottle with enough space to add nicotine boosters / nicotine shots.

Adding a single nic shot will increase the nicotine strength of your vape juice to 3mg. Adding two nic shots will provide 6mg strength.

Popular 50ml shortfills with 30% PG / 70% VG mixes, in 60ml PET bottles.

Our whole selection are available below:


Shortfill e liquids are 0mg (nicotine free) flavoured e-juices in larger bottles, due to the TPD.

⯈ Adding 1 x 10ml 18mg (1.8%) nicotine shot will boost these 50ml zero nicotine e liquid to 3mg (0.3%) strength.
⯈ After adding a nicotine booster to the bottle, simply shake for up to a minute.
⯈ The end result is a 60ml high VG eliquid in 3mg nicotine strength.
⯈ Let the liquid breath and steep for a much better taste.

Simple pricing (including 50ml piece prices and 10ml liquid content prices):

These shortfills have bulk buy tiered discounts applied. The more 50mls you purchase in any flavour, the more you will save. Feel free to mix & match.

Includes one free 100% VG nic shot, and spout cap, with each piece.

Quantity prices are listed below, including each piece cost (10ml prices are also shown, at full 60ml product value). As low as £0.13 per 10ml liquid in 60ml!

Short Fills
1 piece – £3.49 (£0.58 per 10ml)
3 pieces – £7.50 (£2.50 each) (£0.42 per 10ml)
5 pieces – £11 (£2.20 each) (£0.37 per 10ml)
10 pieces – £18 (£1.80 each) (£0.30 per 10ml)
20 pieces – £30 (£1.50 each) (£0.25 per 10ml)
50 pieces – £65 (£1.30 each) (£0.22 per 10ml)
100 pieces – £120 (£1.20 each) (£0.20 per 10ml)
200 pieces – £200 (£1 each) (£0.17 per 10ml)
500 pieces – £450 (£0.90 each) (£0.15 per 10ml)
1000 pieces – £800 (£0.80 each) (£0.13 per 10ml)

Our shortfills are mixed using the finest UK & European sourced propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), and flavour concentrates.

Nicotine shots are UK made and TPD approved.

Free from diacetyl, additives, animal products and alcohol.

The same great taste in every bottle is guaranteed. We are confident you will love these flavours.

Note: colour/tint differences can occur between batches of the same shake n’ vape flavour. The differences are a manufacturing process result and are regarded as natural.

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