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How to Really Steep Your E-Juice for the Best Flavour

Welcome to our step-by-step guide on how to steep your e juice, the correct way. We highlight tried and tested methods, so you can experience even more flavour and satisfaction when vaping.

But first, let’s start with the basics.


What Is Steeping?

Steeping is an English word related to tea, it talks about the process of soaking the tea bag in hot water for a brief period to extract as much flavour as possible.

To accelerate the process, people shake, stir and press the tea bag in the hot water a couple of times.

Essentially, steeping is putting a solid in water to soften, but when we refer to e-liquid steeping there isn’t exactly a solid to dissolve, so the concept changes a little bit. Steeping in this context means leaving the e-liquid to essentially age, to achieve a better flavour; fortunately for us, there are many ways to do this.

Have you noticed that when you let e-liquid rest in the tank, it makes it taste better?

This is what we in the vaping world call steeping, in its most basic form. Steeping could dramatically change your e-liquid’s flavour for good; it’s a well-known technique to improve the mix profile.

Usually, vapers open an e-liquid bottle, put e-juice inside the tank, and then hastily proceed to vape. It’s the common process, but with some e-liquids it may not be enough to get the most out of its flavour.

We use the steeping process to recover that delicious lost flavour, it takes a little bit of time, but most electronic cigarette users conclude that it’s totally worth it.

That’s why today we would like to talk to you about steeping as a way to improve your favourite e-liquid’s flavour and how to do it correctly.

So, keep reading as we guide you through steeping and how to do it correctly. We provide full tips and important information for electronic cigarette users.


How to Steep?

The most common method is shaking the bottle and letting it settle for a while, with the lid open, before filling the tank. Some e-cigarette users prefer to shake the bottle and leave the lid closed for a while.

Yet, some even prefer to use both these methods, and then let the coil’s cotton soak for some extra time before they start to vape.

Why do vapers do this? Because with e-liquid, the ingredients are not chemically compatible, therefore, they do not mix by themselves straightaway.

Vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, natural flavourings and nicotine need an extra push to blend and harmonise.

There are liquids that taste fine just by themselves, but some others taste much better after the steeping process.

It is also a way to fight the vaper’s tongue, which is the fatigue of your tongue after vaping the same flavour for a long time.

Taste is a very subjective experience, so many people could consider that steeping is just a slow process that they don’t need because their liquids taste just fine to them.

Steeping is not a requirement in the vaping process, it’s just a resource that could help you enhance this experience – it’s advised – and you can try it yourself.

When you first grab your electronic cigarette after not using it for a day or two, you’ll notice how strong the flavour is after resting in the cotton for so long.


Can You Steep Any E-Liquid Flavour?


Yes, you can carry out this process with any e-liquid flavour, but some flavours need more time to settle than others.

Stronger and darker flavours like tobacco, caramel, and custard, as well as mixed flavours, may need extended steep time to reach the desired maximum flavour levels and satisfaction.

Some flavours that taste chemically, due to how potent they are, will also need steeping for longer to get rid of the chemical taste.

Since vaping is still a new in the eyes of the world, arguably less than a decade since inception, we still don’t know the exact answers for some questions: like how long should we wait to vape an e-liquid after it’s been made, or for how long exactly should we let it rest to get the maximum flavour.

We are living in the testing era of vape juice, so there are no rules as for how long you should wait before vaping, it can be determined by your own experience and palate.

What we know so far is that the regular ingredients used to create e-liquids have a general shelf life of two years, when stored properly, that’s why the bottles we buy have best-before dates.

You have probably already done some steeping yourself without knowing you were actually doing it.

For example, when we leave the bottle open for a while, or when we shake it to mix the ingredients with the nicotine, when we let the cotton get soaked because we are not vaping at the moment, etcetera.


So, How to Steep Your E-Juice the Right Way?

In order to start this process, you need to know it is going to take time, generally 1-2 weeks.

A good start is when you buy a new bottle of e-juice, independent of the flavour you choose, put it in a dark place like a drawer, shoe box, a closet, cupboard, or any other cool, dark, dry and closed environment. This is a natural method.

You can also shake the bottles now and then to expedite the process, but we recommend to leave them in the dark for a few days overall. So, it’s better to have enough of your previous e-liquids for you to vape during the steeping phase.

We will highlight the popular and proven methods below:-


How to Breath E-Liquids

Breathing is the process that involves taking the cap off and letting the liquid sit for a few hours in the dark.

You can leave them open for 2-12 hours, any more than this will increase the chance of accidentally spilling it, high levels of oxidation and nicotine degradation.


How to Streath E Liquids

This process is a combination of steeping and breathing, that’s why it has such a name. It is one of the fastest ways to get the maximum flavour out for your liquids.

To start, shake the bottles for a few seconds and run them under warm tap water for a few minutes. Then take the caps off and leave them in a dark and dry place for two to twelve hours. Once this is done, screw the caps back on and shake the bottles well.

What streathing does is thin out the vegetable glycerine inside the bottles and turns it, chemically speaking, a little more like propylene glycol, but still thick enough to produce enough clouds without issues – (if you were worried about that!).

Do note, we recommend hot tap water instead of boiling water. To make it easier you can put the bottles inside a ziplock bag, or a bowl, with hot water, and leave them there for a while.

Some vapers prefer to go beyond this and put the bottles inside uncooked rice which is then heated in a microwave.

The idea behind streathing is making the flavour molecules more miscible, which allows greater mixing capabilities with various liquid molecules.

You will notice during the process that the liquids will turn a little less thick, while they’re warm, but once they cool down, they should have the original viscosity but with a stronger flavour per se.


How to Use an Ultrasonic Cleaner

This method is for true vaping lovers, if you happen to own an ultrasonic cleaner for jewellery, it can be used to speed the steeping process.

Simply fill it with warm water and let the waves created by the ultrasonic cleaner send the right vibrations through your juice bottles. What it does is simulate a few days off the steeping process.

We still don’t know how many times you could repeat the process, it’s a matter of testing it and deciding if your e-liquid bottles need more time in the machine.

Some others like to use a magnetic stirrer, mostly those who like to come up with their own e-liquids. All you have to do is transfer the juice from the original plastic bottles to a large glass container, or plastic beaker, and place it on top of the magnetic stirrer.


How Do I Know When My E-Liquid Is Ready to Vape?


Some experts on the vaping subject think it’s better not to accelerate the steeping process, they prefer to let their liquids steep naturally (simply letting the bottles rest in the dark for a few hours).

Whatever you chose to do, it needs to be done properly, so don’t rush the process. However, depending on the flavour, steeping can take more time, as mentioned earlier.

For example, for fruity flavours, the average steeping time recommended is one to three days, for tobacco flavours one week, and creamy flavours should rest for two weeks and even sometimes to four.

Seems like a lot of time, but the more you let it rest, the better the flavour will be in essence.

If you prefer to cut down some time, usually what happens is that the liquid tastes like heaven the first two or three times you refill the tank, but later it goes back to the original less enhanced taste.

Before you knew about steeping, did you ever noticed that liquids tend to get darker with time? That is nothing but a natural steeping process. The longer an e-juice is steeped, the darker it will turn, and that has a lot to do with the nicotine concentration oxidising.

Is there a way to “over steep” an e-juice? This is a little like the ageing process of the wine, the more you let it rest, the better. But if you try to speed up the process for too long, you could damage the liquid composition entirely.

So, to put it bluntly, yes, you can over steep an e-liquid, but it is not really that easy to do unless, you forget about that bottle you left in a cupboard 6 months ago…

You would have to overheat the liquid or leave it open for many weeks to unbind the chemical compounds and create a viscidness that is unable to vape correctly.

As you see, there are many creative ways to steep an e-juice, but whichever you choose, please don’t get too creative.

Some people like to heat the liquid directly in the microwave but it’s not really a safe option, since you could forget it’s there or it could be exposed to too much heat and even explode!

Not to mention, you could also accidentally melt the bottle or cause a mess inside the microwave, which would be a massive problem.



You have probably learned three more words about the vaping world, but you are leaving with an extended knowledge of what steeping is and how to steep e-liquid correctly.

To summarise, steeping is what we know as the natural ageing of e-liquid. It’s something we have been doing without actually thinking too much about.

Leaving the liquid in the tank to rest and for the cotton to soak it all in makes it taste better because the ingredient compounds mix well, therefore, when heating it with your electric cigarette, the flavour will be more intense and better overall.

Steeping is a process well known by artisanal e-liquid manufacturers, it’s like the cherry on top. Some even compare it as an art.

This is not something people who are new into vaping know or would choose to do, mostly because they haven’t had enough time to test different liquids and how said liquids interact with their e-vaporiser and coil.

New liquids taste just fine when bought for the first time, but after a while of use, they usually lose some taste. Again, not everybody feels this way; after all, taste is a very subjective matter and based on opinion.

We believe that, with time, e-liquids tend to lose some of their original flavour, maybe because of compound degradation or because we fall into the vapor’s tongue pathway, and steeping is the answer.

You may have wondered if vape stores do the steeping when leaving the liquids in a display cabinet away from strong lights, while they sit there waiting to bought. And yes, that could be considered steeping, but they do not open the bottles, so there’s no breathing process.

Those bottles are not shaken often either, nor are they heated.

So, should you do the steeping process right after you buy a brand-new e-liquid? Perhaps not, it is better if you test it for a few days and if you notice it does not taste as strong or flavourful as it should, then go ahead and try steeping.

But if you already have some liquids that need an extra touch at home, then steeping right away is what you should be doing!

Our e-juice is mixed fresh, and does not take long to steep. Most taste fantastic without steeping, so we absolutely recommend you to purchase our super affordable e-liquid, as you will definitely be back for more.


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