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Nicotine salt solutions available in Benzoate, Salicylate or Malate acids, in 72mg. (7.2% nicotine strength).

The lowest prices online! Highest USP quality, with worldwide shipping available.

High strength 72mg nic salt base for vapers and mixers. Provides a smoother, neutral hit compared to freebase nicotine.

Below are some of the many benefits of nic salts:-

⯈ The nic salts have less impact on changing the flavour of vape juice, and allow you to vape higher strengths without effecting the taste of the e-juice flavour.

⯈ Provide more kick, and are better absorbed by the body allowing the nicotine effect to last longer – comparable to smoking a traditional cigarette.

⯈ Are incredibly smooth, and are less harsh on the throat, allowing you to vape higher strengths with less throat-hit.

⯈ Oxidise much slower than freebase nicotine, which results in a fresher product that can be stored for longer.

⯈ Neutral in taste and unflavoured.

Must be diluted before use. 72mg nicotine salts are added to PG, VG, or e-liquid, to provide the required strength.

Want to learn more about our 3 types of acids? Scroll down to the long description below.

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72mg Liquid Nicotine Salts (Smooth) –

Unflavoured Base E-Liquid Nicotine Salt

Available in HDPE bottles and containers.

Our 72 mg/ml nicotine salt concentrates are USP grade, and are available in a variety of PG/VG mix ratios to satisfy your requirements.

Base identifier: Benzoate salt (NicSalt-B), Salicylate salt (NicSalt-S) or Malate salt (NicSalt-M).


What are Benzoate Salts (NicSalt-B)?

Benzoate is a natural acid with a pH 6.5, so it is near neutral. This results in an easy-going smooth throat-hit. Benzoate is the preferred nic salt’s acid, as it provides less throat irritation, more throat-hit, and the best taste properties. It provides the closest satisfaction to a real cigarette nicotine hit. It is said to provide the smoothest hit, and is known as Smooth Salt due to its easy and soft throat-hit, whilst still providing a noticeable buzz. Benzoate is the first popular nic salt on the market, and is used in JUUL pods. We provide in all listed PG/VG mix ratios as it blends well overall. The natural colour of the liquid is yellow/brown/orange, due to the acid.


What are Salicylate Salts (NicSalt-S)?

Salicylate is an acid with a pH 4.8. This results in a similar smooth throat-hit, like Benzoate. As it is more acidic than Benzoate, the nicotine taste will still be great without any harsh throat-hit. It still provides less throat irritation and great taste properties, with little or no flavour changing properties, and is the most neutral in taste and delicacy compared to the others. It is said to provide more of a “coolness” to your vape, and is known as Chill Salt. It is an acid that occurs naturally in many fruits. We provide in all listed PG/VG mix ratios as it blends well overall. The colour of the liquid is from clear to light yellow/amber/brown.


What are Malate Salts (NicSalt-M)?

Malate is an acid with a pH 5.6, and is created by combining pure nicotine with malic acid. This results in a delicate throat-hit as well as a delicate aftertaste. As it is more acidic than Benzoate, but less than Salicylate, so expect a pleasant nicotine taste without any harshness. Just like the others, you expect less throat irritation and overall great taste properties, with little or no flavour changes. The acid is very popular and occurs naturally in many fruits, such as apples, and is regarded as a 100% natural nicotine salt. We provide in all listed PG/VG mix ratios as Malate blends well overall. The colour of the liquid is from clear to light yellow.


Sizes: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 2.5 litres, 5 litres, 10 litres & 20 litres.

Benzoate salt (Ultra Smooth), Salicylate salt (Smooth) and Malate salt (Delicate) mixes: 100% PG, 70% PG / 30% VG, 50% PG / 50% VG, 30% PG / 70% VG, 100% VG.

Do you require larger sizes such as 60 litres or 100 litres? Then please request a quote.


30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1 Litre, 2.5 Litres, 5 Litres, 10 Litres, 20 Litres

Nic Salt

Benzoate, Salicylate, Malate


100% PG, 30% PG / 70% VG, 50% PG / 50% VG, 70% PG / 30% VG, 100% VG

22 reviews for 72mg Nicotine Salts (Smooth)

  1. Lewis Tock

    Found a new salts supplier never had a bad batch yet as you do with some top quality would defo recommend

  2. Vital

    Benzoate nic salt is a little orange color, but no smell and tasteless. Great.

  3. Garth

    Good nic salts, prompt service

  4. Mikey

    Fantastic prices these guys have! Bought 100ml to try out, Definitely be back to stock up!

  5. Daz1971

    Great customer service, nice products
    My first package disappearedsent a replacement was sent to me speical delivery, fantastic customer service and support.
    Thank you

  6. Cristian

    Great product!! Not harsh at all!!!!
    Will order next time only from here!!
    Recommend to everyone who wants to mix they’re own e-liquid!!!

  7. Tiago

    Excelent nicsalt!

  8. james quinn

    love your lamb eliquid

  9. John Doe

    I still haven’t had the chance to try the product, but everything looks ok.

    There was a problem with the initial shipping, which was quickly sorted. Very nice customer service.

  10. Jacko77

    I recently placed and order then realised I could buy lots MORE for a few quid extra! My order was refunded in minutes and I placed another, AMAZING value! This site is fantastic! I will use it again and again! Well laid out website, excellent customer service, tracking links were sent to me by email, totally PROFESSIONAL!
    The products are as described, the Nic salts are smooth and the flavours are great along with the choice! Don’t get ripped off elsewhere buying bottles at £6/7/8-10 use SMASH-E-LIQUID, I will FOREVER!

  11. HWBO

    I had problems with shipping too, but they kindly resolved the issue, even though it was not their fault.
    The products are great !

  12. Michael Lo Presti

    Second time ordering this nic concentrate (benzoate salts), plus many other bases.
    Had a slight issue with my last order but they resolved the issue instantly!
    Love this company’s dedication as well as their quality products!
    Will keep using them until until they’ll be around!
    Might try the other Nic salt that they have available next time.
    5* on everything!!

  13. b0ris7

    I love your nic salts and the shipping is amazing, thank you!!!

  14. Maz

    Great service, fast shipping. The nicotine is very clean tasting.

  15. andreagallo

    Good quality, fast shipping, no complains
    Thanks to the team for answering my questions via customer service.

  16. ronmeli

    Third time buying this and other products. Good service, great product, delivered in 6 days to Malta. Very good time. I highly recommend.

  17. Kevatron1975

    This product is good quality at a reasonable price. I would definetly recommend and I’ll be back to order more.
    Thanks guys.

  18. Steo Power

    WOW perfect product & service team
    Got this to mix with a 50ml bottle of
    Kings crown claim your throne
    What a boost to the smoke hit ?
    Very easy on flavour too doesn’t dilute it

    Such a smooth product 10/10

  19. Waseem

    Cant fault product and service, very quick delivery even in these current circumstances. I had been searching for a decent nic salt provider for a while. Smash E liquid really nailed it. Will definitely use Smash E liquid as my go to for nic salts. Price is also competitive.

  20. stefan

    I don’t know about others, but to be honest this so called “smooth throat hit” effect is the result of nic salt being weaker variant of the pure nicotine freebase IMO, it’s so weak that you tend to opt for more milligrammes just to get that proper throat hit, because it’s a bit lacking on this one, I had the 72mg PG salt nic, (benzoate) I mixed my juice and add this @4mg (3 or 3.5mg when using freebase) I must say I have to draaaaaaag long to really get that elusive throat hit that tickle on the throat, probably if I had gone @5mg then maybe and that’s the DL side. On my MTL vape I tend to mixed my juices with 15 to 17mg of freebase NIC, with salt nic I tried 16mg basically I was treating it as I would with freebase NIC, and the vape for me was just weak for my throat I kept dragging just to get that hit, to be honest freebase is actually smooth as well depending on how you mix it, @3mg DL it’s pretty smooth and had nice tickle on the throat @16mg MTL with kayfun 24lite it’s actually a pleasant vape at least for me, so overall it’s not too bad you just have to up your mg’s when mixing with it coz it’s on the weak side, mind you even though the throat hit is a bit weak, this will still give you a nicotine buzz! So increase gradually, for me though l will stick to my pure grade 72mg nicotine it just simply does it for me….

  21. Dan

    Communication with the website was amazing, couldn’t believe how quick they got back to me each time! And £2.99 for tracked delivery that came in a decent time frame seemed too good to be true! Very happy with this product, which is all that I’ve purchased from them thus far – I wanted something to bump up the strength of another nic salt that I had and it did the job perfectly. Have already recommended the site to a friend!

  22. Tony32

    Very brown, at least my batch. Definately affected the taste in my experience. None the less, extremely good value. Strong as f. As advertised I would Day!

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Nicotine salts are smoother than the freebase variants, so we advise you to purchase a small size to see if you are satisfied, before placing larger orders.

Benzoate is darker than Salicylate and Malate by nature. The colour/tint does not affect the quality of the product, as nicotine salts take a very long time to oxidise.

Due to the natural origin of the acids used in the production of Malate salt, there may be an effect of faster coil wear. This is a natural feature for this product.

This product will not be sold to anyone under the age of 18, and must not be used by non-smokers.

You must familiarise yourself on how to use nicotine salts safely before using this product. Many guides are available online on how to use the product. They also highlight the advantages and disadvantages in comparison to freebase.

To be used by trained and knowledgeable personnel only. 72mg nicotine salt solution can be dangerous in its pure form.

100mg nicotine salts (10% nicotine salt) or higher strengths are not supplied.

Highest possible quality nicotine derived from Europe. Manufacturers: Alchem and Chemnovatic.

Intended for B2B purchase.

Avoid all contact with eyes. If this occurs, wash immediately with clean water.

Do not ingest. If product has been swallowed, seek medical attention immediately.

If any harm occurs, seek immediate medical assistance.

Dispose empty container in accordance to local regulations.

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