E-Liquid & Vape Accessories - Vape Enhancers

Vape accessories to help you mix accurately, and stay safe when mixing.

Add aesthetics to your liquids with colours, or add a little sweetness, sourness, coolness or any other surprise to your juice with our flavour enhancers & additives.

Browse our great selection of equipment and enhancers, below:

We provide the highest quality gloves, masks, heat shrink wraps, graduated beakers, sterile syringes with needles, and pipettes, that are manufactured in the UK.

Our enhancers and boosts push flavour and vape experience to the next level.

We provide the following vape safe e-juice flavour enhancers:-

Sweetener – Ethyl Maltol to add sweetness.

Sour – Malic Acid sour & pop booster.

Cool – WS-23 Koolada ice intensifier.

Additives – Berry Sweet, Cream Sweet, Dairy Sweet, Brown Boost, Bake Boost, Bitter Boost, Nutty Boost, Red Sweet, Vape Tart, Vape Fizz, and Vape Tingle.

Colourings – 7 different colours to add flare and aesthetics.

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