DIY E-Liquid Mixing Kit (Small)

10ml e-liquid from only 80p! (£0.80 per 10ml e-liquid)

All items purchased individually would cost over £33; save over £13 by purchasing this kit!

Small DIY e-liquid mixing kit for beginner vapers and mixers, who want to craft their own e-liquid with full control, at the lowest prices, with everything included.

This small DIY kit includes the following items:-

2 x 100ml Unflavoured PG/VG Base.
5 x 10ml Flavour Concentrates.
5 x 10ml PET Bottles.
1 x 50ml 72mg Freebase/Salt Nicotine.
1 x Nitrile Gloves (Pair).
1 x 50ml Plastic Beaker.
1 x 10ml Ethyl Maltol (Sweetener).
1 x 10ml Koolada WS-23 (Cool).
1 x 10ml Malic Acid (Sour).
1 x 1ml, 2ml & 5ml Syringes with needles.

You can choose your PG/VG base mixes, required flavours, and the option to include nicotine, below.

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